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Tracie Lytle

440 Lytle Rd

Glen Richey, PA 16837

Cell: 814-762-0020

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Here is our story...
       Lytles Farm... is a fifth generation farm situated on 250 acres in rural Glen Richey, Pennsylvania. Back in the 1950's, it was a dairy cow farm and in the 1980's it changed to a beef cow farm. When Bob and I became an item, we added horses of all shapes and sizes, NOT just one particular breed, but many different breeds, because customers come in all shapes and sizes as well and not everyone likes the same kind of horse as the next person, that is why we opted for various breeds, mostly grade horses and a few registered. 
        In 2003 we opened a trail riding business and Borrowing Freedom was born. We offered trail rides, lessons and Equestrian Therapy. ,  As the years have passed we have had horses come and go for various reasons and now most of our horses are born, raised and trained right here at Borrowing Freedom on Lytle's Farm. 
          I've had some dreams, and most of them have come true...When I was a kid I prayed for:  Living on a farm, married to a farmer and have lots of horses. I am married to a farmer, living on a farm and have had up to 26 horses and ponies, we have reduced down to 11 horses & ponies as we no longer do trail-rides as we closed that part of the business. We still have 2 horses for sale. Another dream, I asked if I am to spend my life with someone the rest of my life, I want someone with nice teeth, born in the month of cancer and we are perfect for EACH other....My husband was born in the month of Zodiac - Cancer, he has gorgeous teeth, but they come out at night like the stars and WE ARE PERFECT for each other, we can spend 24/7 with each other and get along great, have great conversation, we have not fought or argued ever. I never heard of Gypsy Vanner horses until I believe 2013 and thought that would be awesome to have one in our herd and help spread the word about them and where they came from etc... I was so lucky that I was actually able to get 2 of them. I came across a Stallion that I fell in love with and we bonded, I bought him in June 2014!  His Name was "The Heart-Breaker Romeo"  (sold him in July 2018) Then of course you can't just have one, so I bought a Gypsy mare too in July 2014. Her name was "Cillbarra Nuala" and what is like super cool is that she had a passport she was born in Ireland and then shipped to the USA in 2006 to Virginia.  She is/was triple registered. I sold her March 2019, She went to Colorado.  You might not think it is cool or neat to have a imported Gypsy, but I had a true imported Gypsy Mare and I was excited!  Nuala was bred to Clononeen Dun Bodee and foaled a filly on 4/27/16 and we named her Precious and we are keeping her. When she is old enough we will be breeding her (Artificial Insemination) to "The Heart-Breaker Romeo".  I had an old dream that I have thought about my whole life and that was to have a registered Friesian, I love them, they are the medieval/renaissance times horse with Merlyn, King Author, and of course Black Beauty. I believe it was back in 2016 that I placed an ad on facebook that I was interested in a Friesian horse. On Feb. 7th, 2019, a lady contacted me and asked if I would be interested in her friesan...I didnt have to think about it as I had just sold my triple registered Gypsy mare, I said Yes and my 6 yr old registered friesian arrived March 7th, 2019 arrived. I named her "Alle Lok" which translates to "All Happiness". .I call her Happy - she is Happy!!
                              Happy is NOW for sale - $30,000...

         Life changes and I did get my dream horse - doesnt mean I have to keep her the rest of my life,  but I can not ride all of the horses, so I have to pick and choose, which by the way  is super hard, I have/want to stay with the horse I literally raised (his mom crossed the rainbow bridge when Rusty was only 2.5 days old), Rusty is now 5 yrs old and I had him broke to ride and he is my best riding Partner next to Prince (now 44 yrs old) of 20+ yrs that I have owned him. 

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